WORDL – Wordle Word Game

Wordle looks like a great game! Published by Josh Wardle at https://www.powerlanguage.co.uk/wordle/, it has all the makings of a viral hit.

It’s not very easy to create a brand new quiz game that takes the world by storm – all by yourself! It seems Wordle is destined to be just that, however. Right now the game format is taking the Internet by storm. It’s fast, fun, and addictive entertainment – quick yet brainy, perfectly formatted to your smartphone.

WORDL will be our attempt to improve that game format even further! Innovation moves fast in 2022 and we know that the world needs more WORDLs. At Love to Quiz we know there’s nothing better than a great quiz game, so we’re excited to see how this exciting new dimension evolves, and we plan to be a big part of it.

The new game works like this: players have to guess a 5-letter word, within 6 guesses. With each guess, letters are taken off the board in one of three ways: in the right place in the 5-letter word, or the wrong place, or not at all. This game mechanism happens by coloring the letters within each guess green, yellow, or grey, respectively. These 5×6 colored squares representing your guesses ultimately form the strange gold and green glyph that can be shared to social media, causing other players to go green-and-gold with envy at your score – and for the non-initiated to wonder, ‘What the WORDL is that?’

WORDL away, players! Our game will be launched very soon!